Add Colors to SCIENCE!

Congratualtions! Your paper has been accepted for publication, and it is now time to celebrate!

What is even better, you get these words at the bottom of the acceptance letter from the Editor:

“We would like to invite you to send your cover design suggestions for your manuscript. A cover picture should be eye-catching and graphically present the essence of or an important message from your research.”

Won’t it be amazing to see your work featured on the front cover? I think I can help…

I have experience in the areas of chemistry, materials science and physics. I have designed numerous covers that have appeared in leading journals. Send me an email detailing what you have in mind, a rough sketch, an abstract of your work, etc. and I will take it from there.

Creative designs

Using sophisticated and advanced graphics design software, we will deliver eye-catching, colorful and brilliant covers that will make your work stand out.

Convey the science

With our extensive knowledge of scientific topics, we will be able to understand your ideas and design needs, and help you shape the cover that will best convey your research.

Fast and effeicient

We strive to deliver on time, quickly and efficiently. Designs can take between 3 days up to a week.

Reasonable cost

Our costs vary slightly from design to another based on the complexity of the design, but we guarantee that they will be competitive and will most likely beat any other similar service. 

Please feel free to get in touch by sending an email to:
Or simply use the contact form below.​


Hi! My name is Hassan, and I am researcher working in the area of materials science and engineering. This line of work exposes me to ideas in chemistry, physics and engineering. I will do my best to convey your work in a presentable and attractive art work, that will feature on the front of any leading journal. Cheers!

More details about my work and research can be found here: